Monday, January 2, 2012

Working on it

Working on my list of 50 by 50. On the section for My Self my items are:

1.          Lose 50 pounds (49 weeks)
2.          Take a 15 to 30 walk everyday
3.          Go on a longer hike trip once a month
4.          Take a yoga class
5.          Take a zumba class
6.          Go camping this summer
7.          Donate blood every 8 weeks
8.          Count points for 30 days
9.          Stay within points for 30 days
10.       NO CANDY for 30 days UGH...

There are some real challenges here but one day at a time, right. For item number 2, taking a walk every day will be a true test to keep a good balance. Since it was a holiday, hubby and I went to Old Sac, downtown and walked the river walk. It was a beautiful day. The Tower Bridge was so pretty and there was an old train along the walk too. One day we will have to go back and check out the Railroad Museum. A fun day and off to a good start!


Marilyn Rock said...

This is a great post Amanda! Your list for self is great! I try to walk every day, if I can, weather is a factor, at times, but recently bought appropriate clothing - will see how that works :)

Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving your lovely message. I appreciated that.

May your New Year be a healthy one for you and yours and I look forward to my visits here. xxoo Marilyn

see you there! said...

I've been walking 6 days a week nearly every week and it has become pretty easy. I love the Railroad Museum. I once attended a conference in Sac. and they had arranged for us to have dinner there. Fun!

Nice to see you on the PT list.


Evil Edna said...

good luck in the New Year and I hope you forfill all your 50 good ones. what about some fun ones like I will balance a coin on my nose? I will do my shopping dressed and speaking a pirate.EE