Thursday, February 23, 2012

Altered schedule

These are leftovers from various projects. Every time I look at them I think about different things to do with them. Do you keep pieces from projects that don't make it in or are extra? Or do you finish a project, clean up, and get rid of any leftovers?

I see possibilities in these little pieces and I keep them out so that I can look at them for colors, designs, or just for the creative muse of it..

Well today is an altered schedule for me. I am going on a mother-daughter retreat with my younger daughter and I am excited but can not show it too much... don't want to over load her (I sometimes do that). This altered time is like my pieces.. a time to slow down, take stock of my relationship with her, and appreciate all the beautiful parts of my daughter and me..

Wishing all a wonderful day, take care...

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