Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Sunday

This time of year is beautiful here. Today is a sunny day after a few windy rainy days. Spring is also a time of new beginnings and freshness. And who can not miss all the beautiful new flowers. Here is a flower we made at a demo meeting I had last week. It is made of ribbon that you cut and place on sticky paper in a spiral pattern. Then you use a heat gun and the ribbon melts and curls to make the ruffled petals. After it is cooled, we added some layers of leaves and a large brad for the center. 

The flower can be added to many things, a gift package, a card, or as I am doing this week at my open house, a bookmark. So simple yet very pretty. Such beauty does remind me of my thankfulness. My top 5 this week are:

1. Sharing art with friends

2. To always be open to learning

3. Changing weather and the beauty of spring

4. Prayers and thoughts for those affect by the tornadoes and bad weather

5. Though tough sometimes, to find a good balance in life

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