Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Rain

I like the winter and colder weather. Ok, let me clarify that I like the winter here. I like the low 30s at night and high 50s in the day. And not always (like during soccer games) but I love rain. It started raining last night and I slept well. This morning it is still raining and the view out my window is different. The leaves and vines are wet. The drops that are hanging on to the bushes are magical. We don't get snow here very often, I can only imagine the beauty it brings. I know the reality of snow and rain when I have to be out in it but from my window, it is pretty cool. My 5 top thankful things.

2. Family and Sunday lunches
3. Prayer
4. My staff at work; they are hard working and keep on keeping on no matter what craziness is going on
5. Broken seashells and glass in a jar


Evil Edna said...

it is the changes and peaceful silence that rains bringsthat makes me smile and pause.EE

Carola Bartz said...

It rained here last night as well. I love the sound of rain in the night, it makes me sleep so much better. Today was sunny and pleasant and it's supposed to be like this for another two days, which for me means yard work - I love that, except for trimming the fruit trees.

Marilyn Rock said...

Rain is peaceful, much needed and the sound of it helps me feel more creative.

Kat W said...

I've got to admit I'm not a big rain fan but then where I live it tends to be grey & very cold. Whereas I'd imagine it tends to be warmer in your part of the world. Having said that, I do like to listen to & watch the rain from inside where I'm cosy. It is also quite melodic when listened to from inside a tent, caravan or under a tin roof.

I guess I must have a love/hate kinda relationship with rain then. LOL.

Thanks for making me think on it.

Kat X