Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple cards

Slipping in some art this week. I love to make simple cards. Daughter is going to a wedding and I made this card for her. It is a funny little one. I had fun creating the car with different pieces of card stock. Then created the cans with silver card stock and color paper for the labels. Tied them to the bumper with black crochet thread. Chalked in the sky and sun. Stamped the flowers, stems and the dirt road. Then for the final piece created a "Just Married" sign and taped to the car.

Then this is a little card made for a coworker. The paper had beautiful flowers and some gold glitter. I added some gold micro beads to the paper to give a little more texture.  Using my cricut, I cut out a butterfly body. Then I covered it with the gold micro beads. Then created the antennas with wire and a bead curved in at the top. Simple but pretty.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

This are both delightful! I have really seen your art grow over the last year. Can't wait to see more and more.

Kat W said...

I like to make my own greetings card and I think it is always special to receive a handmade card.

These are really great and I especially love the wedding car card :-)

Kat X